Thank you for visiting the ELANA Franchisee Candidate site.  We appreciate your interest in checking “under the hood” of the ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectTM business model and all that it brings to the financial services marketplace.

We understand that if you are interested in purchasing a franchise, there are a lot of choices out there.  You can use your money to purchase a burger flip’n joint, a pretzel twisting place, various yogurt sales opportunities or maybe even a gym to help all those who eat too many burgers, pretzels and yogurts!   Whatever the consideration, we hope to provide many compelling  reasons to consider becoming an ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectTM franchisee owner.

In all fairness and with full disclosure, we, as franchisors, are going to be selective too.  We are looking for folks that are driven to success, ambitious, honest, terrific with clients, effective marketers,  great at making presentations (or can be taught to be great at making presentations), upbeat nature, can give and take direction, confident but not egotistical, can be coached, are committed to continuing education, and have an engaging sense of humor.  That’s a long list but if this sounds like you…..please take a deeper look into our offering and see if we might have a fit.

Notice, we are not necessarily looking  for the greatest and excessively skilled financial planners. In fact, you don’t have to have a financial services background to qualify as a franchisee.   As you will see throughout this site, we want great client relationship managers who are counselors by nature  that can be trained to have a deeper understanding of our planning methods and industry advantages.  When it comes to the actual planning process, we will rely on our Settlement Architects to gather great information on the front end of a new client relationship and then, on the back end, make great presentations of expertly designed solutions to those clients with confidence.  In between, you will have the focused assistance of our dedicated ELANA Centralized Planning Unit (CPU), staffed by in-house Certified Financial Planners and support personnel who will do the heavy lifting when it comes to researching, creating, and preparing solutions for you and your clients.  So again, might we have a fit?

A couple of things to keep in mind as you continue your tour through our site:

  1. ELANA is actually an acronym for the Elite Level 5+ Advisor Network Alliance.  As you make your way through our site, you will see that our Elite Level 5+ Planning process is the backbone of our unique planning methodology.  As for the Advisor Network Alliance, if you are awarded a franchise you will be part of a cooperative group of professionals that will work to improve the ELANA brand together…..nobody is on an island in this franchise!
  2. As an ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectsTM franchise owner, you will be building  your future as you help others rebuild theirsThe current marketplace for ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectsTM consists of, to a large extent, catastrophic personal injury clients, high end divorcing clients as well as lottery winners and real estate installment sale clients.  That was the short list….you will see many other potential clients and professionals that we encourage our franchisees to work with.
  3. The term we use to describe our highly trained and uniquely qualified franchisees is “Settlement ArchitectTM.”  In it’s most basic form, it means a professional that builds settlements.  In many cases, that is what you will be doing for your clients.   We believe that becoming a properly trained Settlement Architect will be the highest standard in the settlement industry.
  4. This site is just for you, the (hopefully) interested individual or group that is considering becoming an ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectsTM franchise owner.  Our retail site for the general public is (www.ElanaFSA.com)  Please take a look at our overall message to the general public by clicking on the link.