ELANA Operations and Contact Management System

ELANA has partnered with leading providers of cutting edge franchise operation technologies to provide our franchisees with the most robust and technologically advanced operations platform available today.

All of ELANA’s systems, or as we refer to it, the “SysteMaxx Technology Package”, will be cloud based and use a Microsoft Windows operating system. All SysteMaxx Technology will run on IOS or Android equipment as well. Most importantly, due to the nature of what an ELANA franchisee will experience on any given day, SysteMaxx and all of its component parts are mobile optimized.

ELANA has developed an operational system that will use the SysteMaxx technology, including our robust Contact Management System, to keep the franchise owner in front of clients, in person and digitally in order to focus the consultants time and energy on client acquisition and service. The ELANA Franchise Group, along with our partner companies and affiliations are committed to continually seek enhancements and refinements to our many processes and capabilities for the benefit of franchisees and their clients.