ELANA Elevate

The ELANA Elevate system has been specifically designed to facilitate high level case management functions in a safe, secure, and highly encrypted environment. This is significant in any case that ELANA participates in since all parties in a dispute clearly understand the importance of a successful and timely settlement of their differences.

Through implementation of the ELANA permission based access to the Elevate system, all participating parties in a dispute can control the amount, content and timing of data and information sharing inside the case or client files. Most importantly, permissible users inside the ELANA Elevate Case Management System have the ability to see and use information consistent with all privacy, ethical and legal issues that must be considered in any sensitive case development process. In addition, active participants inside Elevate can schedule and complete tasks to keep case activity efficient, save valuable passwords, and communicate important messages without using the public email system that can be visible to many unwanted eyes by accident or by intentional “hacking.”

ELANA Elevate Case Management is a critically important tool in the overall technology toolbox for all ELANA Financial and Settlement Architects.   What better way to show our attorney advisors and their injured clients, divorcing partners and others seeking resolution to a dispute that we take their case, their information flow and their privacy very seriously. The ELANA Elevate Case Management System inside of SysteMaxx will significantly shorten the litigation and settlement process, bringing efficiencies to clients, plaintiff and defense professionals as well as the court system.