Settlement Broker Franchisee

Many settlement brokers are seeing their sales going down, their reputations as experts questioned, and their enjoyment of their careers dwindle.  They know the writing is on the wall and the trend towards a comprehensive planning model, acting in a fiduciary capacity, is the future of the industry….but how to do it right is the big unanswered question.

On-going training, case studies, upgrades in licensing and credentials, access to a team of Certified Financial Planners to assist with complex solution research and development, advanced presentation capabilities, unique litigation support programs for attorney clients and a completely collaborative environment inside of ELANA allows our Financial & Settlement Architects to operate successfully on the front end of our industry transition.

Being an owner /operator of an ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ franchise positions you as a leader in the unique area of financial service franchising.  It also means that although you own your business,  you are never alone in your quest to excel.

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