Finding Solutions

There are two types of professionals……those that create problems, and those that create solutions. Every professional that represents the ELANA Financial & Settlement Consulting brand is clearly in the “creating solutions” side of the business. In fact, it is the most important part of our business…..Solutions First and Foremost!

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For a Settlement ArchitectTM, it starts with client relationship management. Building a trusting rapport with clients and referring professionals is an essential first step in creating solutions. Clients have to feel comfortable with the ELANA planning process and ELANA Settlement ArchitectTM so they will honestly open up and share information about their needs and wants.
Once detailed information is properly gathered, the Settlement ArchitectTM brings it back to the ELANA Central Planning Unit for evaluation, more detailed discussions and solution planning considerations. At that point, the CPU group leader and support staff formally explore potential solutions including design considerations, product considerations, and presentation considerations. As you can imagine, there may be more than one potential solution that might work in any given case. The CPU Group Leader meets again with the individual Settlement Architect to fine tune the best approach and presentation style for the client. The solution design is then presented to the client for continued discussion, fine tuning and eventual approval by the client….in writing.

Once the settlement design solution is approved by the client, the discussions move to the implementation (Level 4) discussions. This is where we bring the approved settlement design to life by introducing specific products and services into the solution discussions. The Settlement ArchitectTM and ELANA CPU team continue working together with the client to seamlessly implement the plan.

As mentioned earlier, we at ELANA Financial & Settlement Consulting are in the solutions business. Our approach to designing, building and managing solutions is unique in the marketplace and in our opinion, the only way to create a solution based culture inside our company for the benefit of our valued franchise owners and shared clients. Clients deserve the passionate backing and support of their personal Settlement ArchitectTM and the ELANA Centralized Planning Unit to help ensure that all solutions are considered, best solutions are recommended and final solutions are implemented seamlessly. ELANA is all about solutions….Solutions First!


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