Centralized Planning Unit

Let’s imagine that you as a Settlement Consultant have a new case referral. It is a good case with a certain amount of complexity to it. The case will need a great deal of research, planning, solution exploration, product illustrations and eventually the creation of several great presentations for the attorney and client.  If you, as the individual franchisee owner were responsible for all of the planning and preparation work there would be very little time left for marketing, seeing clients, and growing your business.

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Considering how important it is for you to stay in front of new and existing clients as a relationship manager and trusted advisor, it only makes sense to have the support of an expert planning group, the ELANA Centralized Planning Unit to be exact, to do the heavy lifting on the case planning and preparation aspects of the case.


The ELANA CPU team is made up of Certified Financial Planners and support staff dedicated to your success in the eyes of your clients.  Each and every franchise is assigned to a CPU Group Leader for case assignment, development, and presentation assistance.   Together, you and your group leader coordinate the cohesive team approach that will impress and retain clients better than any other settlement planning approach in the industry.

Once a case is assigned to the ELANA CPU team through the Elana Elevate Case Management program inside of SysteMaxx, the planning process begins.  The CFP Group Leader reviews the entire case submission and immediately assigns tasks to be completed by any and all parties involved.  Once the preliminary review is completed, the Settlement ArchitectTM and CFP Group Leader discuss the case for any additional information or insight for better understanding of the client needs, wants, fears, and emotional state of mind.  The CFP Group Leader then coordinates the research, case preparation and draft presentation to be reviewed together with the Settlement ArchitectTM.  Once the case is ready for presentation, the Settlement ArchitectTM schedules the on-line or in-person meeting with the client.  Together the Settlement Architect and Centralized Planning Unit work as a team to make great presentations to clients…..clients that will hopefully become lifetime ELANA clients!

The ELANA Centralized Planning Unit enhances the capabilities of the entire ELANA Franchise Group.  Better planning, better marketing, better client meetings, better presentations, and better client retention are just a sampling of the reasons for it’s success.  The Centralized Planning approach is another example of how ELANA Financial and Settlement Consulting is transforming the industry!


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