If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?’ve heard that one before, right? How about this one…..If a business has a great business idea that is unique, transformative and dynamic but nobody is aware of it on a local level, can it become successful and profitable? Although that one is not a cliché, you get the point!

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Local Franchisees are responsible for getting the word out to the local and statewide communities about their ELANA Franchise. With technology and creative support from the ELANA Franchise Group, local franchisees will be able to run email campaigns, attend trade shows, offer continuing legal education presentations to attorneys at local bar associations and track their efforts every step of the way. The many powerful marketing messages available to our franchisees for delivery to clients and prospective clients will be focused and consistent with the overall ELANA branding messages.

Local marketing efforts by the ELANA Franchisees are supported by National marketing efforts created by the ELANA Franchise Group. National marketing includes content and interviews inside national publications, appearances at national conventions, and speaking engagements at industry and client events to name a few.

By combining local and national marketing efforts, the ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ branding message will be delivered consistently and effectively at local, state and national levels.


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