Level 1 – Evaluation Process

The first step in ELANA’s Level-5 Planning™ process is an evaluation of the client’s case details. In this crucial introductory stage, it is a chance for the Settlement Architect™ to establish and solidify a relationship with the client. It’s the time to really get to know what the clientneeds from their customized and comprehensive settlement design in terms of lifetime resource planning. This involves interviewing and coordinating with the injured or divorcing party’sattorney in such a way to recognize opportunities for the beneficiary and the people that depend on them for their livelihood.

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A review of all documents and interviews of the attorney and client take place at the evaluation stage. This involves taking in account all the different things that make each case unique such as:

  • Caretaker situation
  • Medical conditions
  • Client’s resources and needs
  • Economist’s surveys
  • Vocational rehabilitation reports
  • Life care planning
  • Special Needs considerations
  • Coordinating settlements with public benefits programs

The deeper the understanding of a client’s situation that is reached at this point, the more ELANA’s Level-5 Planning™ process can help identify the best course of action for the individual and their family. At this primary juncture, ELANA’s interaction with the referring attorney and client is crucial. These meetings help lay the foundation of the entire relationship between the ELANA Settlement Architect™and the client.

Security of the client’s critical and sensitive information is paramount,so we go to great lengths to protect our client’s future stability. This notion extends throughout the Level-5 Planning™process, but it starts with the lynchpin Evaluation.By establishing a trusting partnership, assurances are made that our client’s unique considerations and concerns are addressed up front.


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