Long Term Protection

Long Term Security is the second component of the    clip_image002_0000-LIFE system. In the long run, knowing you’re protected depends on limiting the uncertainty that inevitably comes when life challenges us all .  clip_image002_0000-LIFE is about reducing downside risks so that ELANA’s clients can face this adversity without being hampered or financially re-victimized.

Dealing with seismic shifts to our way of life means addressing deaths, loss of employment, injury and sickness. In addition, macro issues like shocks to the economy and increases in the cost of living can be difficult hurdles to overcome. No small part of security is about knowing that these bumps in the road have been accounted for up front, and that you and your loved ones are looked after in any event. ELANA Settlement Architects™ make your Long Term Security a priority well after our initial planning stage.

With ELANA looking out to cover the downside risk, our clients can focus on thriving in their new found environment, making the best of changing circumstances. Giving clients flexibility during rough times comes with the experience that ELANA’s designers have garnered through years of working to find solutions for some of the most extreme circumstances. This Long Term Security allows recipients to enjoy the INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE they deserve.


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