Independent Lifestyle

An Independent Lifestyle is not a luxury. Instead, Independence is a prerequisite for returning to a fulfilled existence after a traumatic life event. Most of our clients want to make sure their physical limitations or new found marital status will not place unnecessary limits on their financial futures.

ELANA recognizes that a crucial emotional component is that injured or divorcing parties don’t want to be a burden on their family and friends. They want to carry on with their life knowing that their needs are taken care of, not neglected or squandered through a lack of preparation. An Independent Lifestyle depends on advice that comes with a thorough understanding of the present value of a settlement, and this is where ELANA’s expertise comes into play.

The comfort that a divorce or a catastrophic injury will not impair a recipient’s freedom and independence is tantamount to living in a state of abundance rather than scarcity. This paradigm shift can mean the difference from merely subsisting to thriving. With the Independence factor of the E-LIFE® system taken care of, clients can be assured that a FULL SOLUTION is readily at hand.


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