Every Day with Dignity

The E-LIFE® system concludes with this one notion: Each and every injured or divorcing party that comes away with a plan designed, built and managed by ELANA should be able to live Every Day With Dignity. ELANA can say that we enable our clients to maintain standards so that they can sustain a dignified lifestyle in their life after settlement.

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By managing expectations, ELANA is able to educate clients about their new circumstances and provide a valuable service. Rather than treating a settlement award as an abstraction to be wantonly plundered, the E-LIFE® system is instead geared to lend a guiding hand toward lifelong wealth management. The goalan of ELANA’s Financial & Settlement Architect’s™ advice is to utilize these settlements so that they improve the beneficiary’s situation in measurable ways.

In today’s environment, where consumers are preyed upon and a lack of regulation has failed the everyday investor, ELANA’s E-LIFE® system returns the trust to the Advisor/Beneficiary relationship. This approach is transformative in the sense that the financial industry at large is geared toward the next quarterly performance, but the E-LIFE®program’s benefits are meant to last a lifetime. One day at a time, and Every Day With Dignity.

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