Divorcing Families

Whenever one family has to be split into two, it is a financial, emotional and sometimes even a physical nightmare for all involved.  Everyone from the divorcing adults, to the innocent children (young and old) are affected in profound ways previously unimaginable.  The difficult financial decisions that have to be made in the course of dividing family and marital assets is never easy.  It is an emotional and financial undertaking that can leave scars long after the matter is finalized.  At ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™, we understand the difficulties that come with a divorce and do our best to bring value and, to the greatest extent possible, peace of mind to our clients through our comprehensive (ELANA Level 5 Planning™ Process) .

Families need strong legal, emotional and of course financial advice to weather the tornado like storm better known as divorce.  ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ continues to enhance our skills and capabilities to assist families that need specialized help when dividing marital assets and creating a positive settlement environment so everybody can live their lives in a dignified way.

There are special tools and techniques unique to the settlement industry that ELANA Settlement Architects have embraced to bring a higher level of security and closure to our client’s lives.  Our Settlement Architects and our expert (Central Planning Unit) team members work hard to evaluate the challenges our clients face and then provide creative solutions that make sense and save time in the process.  We work closely with our clients and their legal representatives to help them define their personal and customized (ELANA Lifestyle) or clip_image002_0000 -Life after divorce so they can move on with their lives with dignity.

We appreciate that divorce is never easy to go through but if we can bring value to the process by creating a little more peace of mind and financial security, we know we are helping our clients as best we can.