Divorce Attorneys

Attorneys depend on ELANA’s expertise to derive fair valuations of martial assets in the event of a divorce. Our informed experts are called upon because they are guided by years of litigation support experience. ELANA designers are called upon as expert witnesses when often-contentious divorce proceedings call for them, and our record stands apart in the industry.

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When someone goes through the pain of a divorce proceedings and subsequent settlement, they need assurances that their lives will not be complicated further by a lack of financial resources. ELANA knows that spouses aren’t naturally equipped to deal with the mountain of looming financial and emotional ramifications that come with a divorce settlement. The comfort that comes with knowing an ELANA Financial and Settlement Architect™ is in the customer’s corner is invaluable.

Our shared experience through years of litigation proceedings makes providing solid advice and outcomes a natural extension of our services. Franchisees enjoy the Training and Support that instills the confidence to assist divorcees in their time of trial. By sticking with settlement recipients through the planning of their financial futures and sharing in their future successes, ELANA settlement designers are rewarded in more ways than just financial. They’re able to say they helped divorced spouses manage a settlement agreement that allows them to live Every Day With Dignity.


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