Personal Injury Attorneys

When an attorney earns their client a large personal injury settlement or large divorce settlement, often that client is left with the daunting task of managing a lump sum for all of their expenses and future needs.

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When it comes to Personal Injury attorneys, we have built an entire department around helping them with advanced litigation support services as part of the 2nd tier of our Level 5 Planning Model. Our attorney referral sources understand that a skilled settlement architect can add tremendous value to the pre-case management and client relationship components in practically every case they see.

Whether we are breaking down economic reports or life care plans for present value, or creating powerful case valuation reports that can be used in mediations or client awareness discussions, our litigation services are an important part of what we do for our attorney clients.  We attend mediations, appear in court as experts at trial and approval hearings.  We contribute to the post settlement document review process for accuracy and compliance when structured settlement annuities* are utilized.  We also assist with Medicare and Medicaid compliance issues through our affiliated Medicare Set Aside providers, Elder Law attorneys, and lien resolution specialists.

From a marketing perspective, many of our referring attorneys like to engage an ELANA Settlement Architect™ early in the case as a way of letting their most valued clients know how important they are.  It is their way of saying “I care about your case, your life, your loved ones, as well as your happiness now and long after the case is concluded”.   ELANA becomes a value added service, almost a gift, from attorney to client.  We honor that trust by delivering our well respected high levels of litigation support and settlement design services to referring attorneys and their clients in every case we handle.

The Personal Injury Attorney business is so important to us that we have a marketing approach that promotes the fact that we are rapidly becoming  the Premier Attorney Focused Planning Group in the country.  Quite often, personal injury attorneys are so wrapped up in passionately representing their clients that they let their family finances (budgeting, education, retirement etc.), their firm finances (buy/sell agreements with partners, continuance plans, succession plans etc.) and of course, their client financial and settlement design assistance go unattended.  By helping attorneys with their families, their firms, and their clients, we are positioning ourselves as important experts in their lives and reliable experts in their corners.


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