Useful Skill Sets

Are you one of the unique individuals who are cut out to be an ELANA Franchisee? Our personal experience, behavioral specialists, project development professionals, and management consultants have provided ELANA with expert insight on the skills that epitomize a successful candidate, and we employ these criteria in our selection process.

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Our culture demands a refined understanding of the customer’s situation and aspirations. Superior attention to detail is a given for recognizing and serving our customers in the best possible light. Ensuring that our Franchisees / Settlement Architects have gathered all the necessary case details enables our CFPs to design effective solutions. The quality of our performance depends on a high degree of technological savvy and creativity matched with street wisdom.

An aptitude for learning new concepts and the ability to educate are paramount, as we work with a great deal of complex financial and legal considerations during settlement planning. Presentation skills and a polished appearance are the traits that best exhibit the professional demeanor of an ELANA Franchisee / Settlement Architect.

As most of our settlement recipients have gone through catastrophic injuries or divorce, empathy goes a long way toward ensuring a successful Franchisee. A sense of humor and an engaging personality that can effectively counsel and manage relationships is key to our business model. Shoring up and improving each of these skills is the focus of our ELANA Financial and Settlement Architects Training and Support.

If you are interested in being considered for ELANA Franchise ownership, we are interested in talking to you.

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