Training and Support

The training required to represent the ELANA brand as Franchisee is demanding, but fair and attainable. Our curriculum and presentation materials are professionally produced by licensed Certified Financial Planners. In order to provide for our often catastrophically injured clients, we spend a great degree of effort cultivating a sense of security – To show that our clients are looked after at a time when the future of their lifestyle is hanging in the balance.

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To begin training, Franchisees go through a series of pre-recorded video sessions that comprise the ELANA Boot Camp. You can watch these videos online on your own schedule, but they need to be completed before the in-person training can begin. This Boot Camp sets the tone for the journey to becoming an ELANA Financial and Settlement Architect, the Franchisee title we hold in the highest regard.

The next phase is a four to five day in-person training session at one of our training facilities. These custom-tailored training sessions prepare the Franchisee to interact with legal counsel, the courts, and settlement recipients from an educated and expert standpoint. Role playing exercises give practical experience in real time, assuring that the ELANA Architect is weather tested for the road ahead. -Reaching settlement can be difficult for the client emotionally, so we’re trained to help them see the path to recovery.

During training, you’ll be introduced to our operations and management technology package called SysteMaxx.  SysteMaxx includes, but is not limited to accounting, CRM and case management software. Guest speakers selected from the financial and legal professions will lecture and take questions from our newest additions to the ELANA team. Most importantly, you’ll be faced with real case studies and taught the settlement planning business from the inside out.

The support you’ll receive as a Financial and Settlement Architect is ongoing. It extends far past your initial training. Our infrastructure and human capital are geared to sustain your efforts at every turn. ELANA’s team of knowledgeable Franchisees will help each other to guard and pass along institutional knowledge, stepping in to assist with each other’s cases to help invoke best practices.

This ever-present support network allows you to build your franchise value without getting weighed down in administrative detail. While our Central Planning Unit of Certified Financial Planners are handling the solution research and development side of your clients’ settlements, you can be more responsive to the needs of established and prospective settlement recipients.

The Franchise relationship assures that all stakeholders are engaged in a collaborative environment. The dedication of your efforts is always reciprocated, making a Day In The Life of an ELANA Financial and Settlement Architect a rewarding way to make a living.

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