ELANA Business Model

ELANA’s unique approach to settlement planning combines consultation-centered litigation support and case design with the execution of long-term solution based strategies. The cornerstone of our operation is our ELANA Level 5 Planning™ Process, a refreshing departure from the antiquated, sales-centric notion of settlement management.

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ELANA’s fee-based recommendations are rooted in empirical research backed with the most up-to-date market data. Access to ELANA’s vast knowledge base drives our decision-making process, and its impact is transformative. In an industry that typically relies on overhyped sales pitches, our education-based approach instills a higher degree of confidence.

When it comes to long-term engagements, ELANA’s multifaceted fee and commission services offer our Franchisees the opportunity to earn recurring income. This income drives up the worth of the franchise itself, creating value that carries forward each year. Our Central Planning Unit, staffed with skilled planning professionals, coordinates the research into solutions,  product and service implementation decisions, and preparation of presentations. That frees up the Franchisee to work supporting customers and building their client base. This timesaver is a tested resource that Franchisees will turn to again and again.

ELANA’s Business Model is built on trusted relationships. Our Franchisees will work together as a tight-knit network offering support and helping each other with cases in a way that assures future successful collaborations. This team-oriented approach gives our Franchisees the impetus to overcome the initial learning curve so that they can, in turn, present very technical information in an easy-to-understand fashion. By working together, we can assure the end customer that their best interests are at heart and their long-term financial viability is top of mind.

Ultimately, our Business Model depends on matching the best possible candidates with the ELANA structure and support systems inside a culture and spirit of cooperation and professionalism.  The Candidate Evaluation Process is extensive and typifies our commitment to quality.

If you are interested in being considered for ELANA Franchise ownership, we are interested in talking to you.

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