Candidate Evaluation Process

A thorough and rigorous evaluation takes place before someone can become an ELANA Franchisee. We’re selective because it takes a specific set of skills and capabilities to be successful at what we do. Unlike most franchise arrangements, ELANA’s organization is a highly collaborative network, not a flat or linear design.

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As a Franchisee, you’ll enjoy the support of a dedicated staff of Certified Financial Planners® handling day-to-day solution research, decisions, presentation preparation, and, implementation recommendations Your ability to contribute value and influence your clients depends on our combined collaborative ability to all work together efficiently.

Becoming an ELANA Financial and Settlement Architect™ is a meticulous process. Being a franchisee means that you are in business for yourself, but it does not mean that you are in business by yourself.  With that in mind, the founders and leadership team at the ELANA Franchise Group plan to be very selective about who we grant franchise opportunities to.  Obviously, it is just as important for any potential franchisee candidate to know if becoming an ELANA Settlement Architect™ is the right opportunity for them as well.  We owe it to everybody in the organization to do our best to create a thorough and systemized selection process that leads to great match-ups between franchisee and organization.  As previously stated….nothing is more important than getting this right!The most qualified candidates will make their way through the following six steps:

Step 1:  Introductory Call – The first contact is to establish rapport and discuss information about the ELANA Evaluation Process itself.

Step 2:  Discovery Call ­– The discovery conference begins with a Question and Answer session and a discussion of the potential applicant’s investment qualifications. It ends with a review of ELANA’s collateral materials.

Step 3:  ELANA Franchisor Question and Answer Session – A call between ELANA management and the candidate is coordinated and the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is issued.

Step 4:  Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) Overview – Review FDD together and discuss various qualifying surveys and tests.

Step 5:  Discovery Visit – A face-to-face meeting between the candidate and ELANA senior management.

Step 6:  Decision Day Event – A final Question and Answer session to address any outstanding issues or concerns followed by the execution of the Franchise Agreement. At this stage, the new Franchisee is scheduled for training and accommodations are made.

Each of these steps is designed to determine is a candidate is the right fit and can develop the Useful Skill Sets that set the ELANA brand apart.

If you are interested in being considered for ELANA Franchise ownership, we are interested in talking to you.

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