Become a Franchisee and Settlement Architect™

There is nothing more important to the overall success of the ELANA Franchise Group as a whole than the success of our individual franchisees.  This is not a premise that we take lightly.

The leaders and corporate staff of the ELANA Franchise Group have established systems technology, case handling expertise, administrative assistance, ongoing education and  training,  marketing support, and most importantly, unwavering standards of excellence that make this program successful.

Our turn-key approach to developing and enhancing settlement consultant skills is the most unique program in the industry.  We are always interested in adding quality members in geographically preferred locations.  Our members must learn and understand the ELANA Elite Level 5+ Planning process as well as how to guide clients to their ELANA clip_image002_0000-Life before they are permitted to represent themselves using the ELANA Settlement Architect™ designation.  Franchisee owners must continue to meet the high standards of the ELANA Planning program in order to remain in good standing.

If you are interested in being considered for ELANA Franchise ownership, we are interested in talking to you.


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