I'm in Financial Services but have never developed a proven "niche" business model. I am ready to take my business to the next level! Learn More
I am an attorney with a sizeable network of attorney and client contacts. I want to increase my revenue by leveraging my expertise and diversifying my practice offerings to peers and clients. Learn More
I recently left the military service and am looking for a new opportunity where I can be my own boss in a very respectable, honorable, and profitable business model. Learn More
We've been successful as franchise owners in the past. Now we would like to explore franchise ownership in the new and exciting niche area of financial and settlement services. Learn More
I am at a career crossroad and would love to build a business for myself and my family without having to do it alone. Learn More
I currently work in the settlement industry but always felt limited in the product sales approach. I would like to be out in front of the industry's inevitable transition to a fiduciary , expertise driven advisory approach for clients.Learn More

Building your future by helping others rebuild theirs.

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When it comes to our commitment as Franchisors to you as a Franchisee, it is very simple.

  1. We are committed to your education and growth as a highly skilled, very competent, and extremely successful ELANA Settlement ArchitectTM.
  2. We are committed to continually help you grow your business through local marketing, national marketing, technology, plan preparation and presentation assistance.
  3. We are committed to protecting the ELANA Financial & Settlement ArchitectsTM overall brand and brand values.
  4. We are committed to continually help you build value in your franchise.